Test page: Gallery options


test page demonstrating some popular gallery styles

masonery gallery

reformats the images to fit into a ‘masonary’ style grid depending on orientation of the images, in user-defined order they are inserted. Different image order will generate a different layout grid depending on both image orientation and screen size. You see the whole of each image. Images are clickable and will display a title and description on hover (if one is entered, obviously)

carousel gallery - a

Best used at a fixed width because otherwise the main image will be either really big or really stretched on wider screens. Popup displays full screen on click.  This version is full width to demonstrate the problem with  cropping the main image on large screens. Height is fixed but can be set at anything – these examples are all set at 600px tall.

carousel gallery - b

Similar to ‘A’ but fitted into a fixed width container so the main image can’t stretch too wide.

carousel gallery - c

Scales the main image to fit the container so you see the whole image but there may be gaps left and right on portrait images

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